Cost Budgeting / Estimates

Following the post-April reforms, costs budgeting will become extremely important to the recovery of costs on all multi-track files. If costs budgets are exceeded, case law suggests that any overspend is unlikely to be recovered from the paying party. We will therefore work closely with you to produce budgets that will allow you the scope to conduct your litigation at a cost that does not inhibit your performance. All of our budgets will be based on a sound understanding of your file, and we shall keep a regular eye on the conduct of the claim in case the budget needs updating. We will prepare written submissions in relation to particular items on the budget or, if you prefer, we will attend the hearings ourselves to support our budget. Once the claim has been concluded, because we will have become so familiar with your file, the same fee earner will attend to preparing a Bill of Costs, which should be possible within a matter of days.

We also produce estimates of costs for Listing and again, because of the speed with which we carry out our drafting, you will not be inconvenienced by being without your file of papers for very long during the on-going conduct of the claim.